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About Meadville Overhead Doors LLC

Meadville Overhead Door Company is a family owned business located eight miles north of Meadville. The business was started by George Schmalzried and his wife Lottie in 1964, and transferred to son Don in 1999. Don is the ninth of ten children, and Don’s sister Mary also works for the company. The business is operated from the family homestead, with a service inventory which has expanded to fill three warehouses. We have records on many local doors and operators dating back into the 1970s to help our customers meet their service needs.

George & Lottie Schmalzried

Don Schmalzried

The office (814-587-6067) is open from 7:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. We have an answering machine for leaving a message when the office is closed. Don's cell phone (814-720-8437) is included on our message for emergency service if required. Don answers his phone 24/7 unless he is out of cell range. He also checks messages frequently. We often give advice over the phone for simple problems, which do not involve complicated or dangerous service situations.

Since the garage door is the largest and possibly the most-often-used door in many homes, Meadville Overhead Door specializes in meeting the needs of its customers by offering sales and service of garage doors and operators from a variety of different suppliers. The company sells both residential and commercial products. Every door is special ordered so that each customer can select size, color, style, insulation value, windows, and other features. The company also provides expert installation of doors and operators, even those purchased from another supplier. Meadville Overhead Door works with many local contractors and we will work with your contractor to ensure that your garage door is properly framed and sealed. When there is no contractor involved, we can do rough and finish carpentry work to professionally frame your garage door.

Readers Choice Award - Over 10+ years

Meadville Tribune

Meadville Overhead Door offers the best price on garage doors purchased by the do-it-yourself customer. We can beat the price of any large chain store, while offering you expert advice and a wider selection. Many people are under the impression that all garage doors are the same quality with the same features, and come in standard sizes only. We can advise each customer on insulated and non-insulated doors, whether low headroom track will allow their door to function more smoothly, window designs, color choices, lock styles; and special order the door size needed to fit the opening. Don’s thirty plus years of experience in carpentry and garage door installation, along with his background in engineering, enable him to offer expert advice on difficult job situations.

The company also sells and installs a large variety of residential and commercial operators. Your door can be opened with a wall button or a remote. We stock several different types of operators to custom fit an operator with almost any garage door. Operators extend the life of your garage door and add the convenience of opening your door without leaving your car or home. We also sell keyless entries, or keypads mounted on the wall outside your garage, which enable you to enter a code to open your door. As a special added value to our customers, we furnish a surge protector on most of our operator installations to help protect against power surges which can disable your operator.




We sell and service residential and commercial garage doors and operators.